Flowers - Mike Handelman


  • "Tulip Dance"

    A simplistic view of nature's beauty. Only after experiencing beauty can you fill in the blanks (Kennet Square, PA)

  • "Orange Burst"

    Calla Lily against an orange background; dancing (Philadelphia, PA)

  • "Swirl"

    A burst of pink from a lily against a purple background (Philadelphia, PA)

  • "Curves"

    A Calla Lily against the natural background of its own green leaves (Philadelphia, PA)

  • "Gerber"

    Gerber flower against the green of nature (Kennet Square, PA)

  • "Daisy"

    A shy daisy against warm pink (Philadelphia, PA)

  • "Tango"

    You can catch a flower dancing, but only when it is removed from the bunch (Poconos, PA)

  • "Family Portrait"

    A family portrait never before has gone so smoothly (Poconos, PA)

  • "Fly"

    The Peruvian Lily has so much expression. It is my favorite flower to photograph (Philadelphia, PA)

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